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    The promotion of basic research and application-orientated science is equally important for the Carl Zeiss Foundation. Therefore, we specifically support universities of applied sciences within the context of the “Transfer” funding line.

    Funding under the “Transfer” programme line is up to €1 million per project over a period of up to three years.

    The applying University of Applied Sciences decides which type of funding is preferred.
    Generally eligible are:   
    • Scientific and technical personnel including material resources
    • Large-scale equipment and research infrastructures
    • Networking activities

    Funding projects are selected through competition and based on excellence criteria.

    The content of the requirement specification for “Transfer 2019” follows the annual theme of the Carl Zeiss Foundation: Smart Materials.

    The “Transfer” programme is expected to be released for application again in December 2019.


    Matthias Stolzenburg

    Matthias Stolzenburg

    mobile: +49 (0)711-162213-13
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